Founded in 1958, Semmelrock became a part of Wienerberger in 1996. From 1998 onwards, the company started its expansion into the CEE region with the first plant opening in Hungary. Today Semmelrock operates in twelve countries in Central Eastern Europe, thereof in seven countries with local production sites. Since 2010, Semmelrock is a 100% Wienerberger company.

The milestones of Semmelrock corporate history at a glance:

1958 – 1996

Founding of the company in Klagenfurt, Austria
Development of several product innovations


Semmelrock Milestones 1996

75% take-over by Wienerberger
Launch of the expansion of Semmelrock to Central and Eastern Europe


Market entry in Hungary
Plant opening in Ócsa near Budapest


Semmelrock Milestones 2000

Market entry in Slovakia
Plant opening in Sered´near Bratislava


Semmelrock Milestones 2011

Market entry in Poland
Take-over existing companies in Kołbiel near Warsaw, Gliwice near Krakow and Gdynia at the Baltic Sea


Market entry in Croatia
Plant opening in Ogulin


Semmelrock Milestones 2006

Market entry into the Czech Republic
Take-over of the traditional Czech producer „Colorbeton a.s.“

Foundation of  Semmelrock International Holding in Vienna


Semmelrock Milestones 2007

Market entry in Romania
Plant opening in Bolintin Vale near Bucharest

Extension of market presence in Austria
Plant opening in Vorchdorf


Semmelrock Milestones 2009

Extension of market presence in CEE
Consolidation of Semmelrock Austria with the Ebenseer Group. Plant openings in Gnatowice and Oława in Poland, Teiuş in Romania

Market entry in Bulgaria with plant opening in Elin Pelin near Sofia


Semmelrock Milestones 1996

Full take-over of Semmelrock by Wienerberger
Purchase of the remaining 25% stake by Wienerberger AG to strengthen the core business with concrete pavers


Semmelrock Milestones 2011

Extension of market presence in the Czech Republic
Opening of a new, modern plant in Ledčice near Praha


Semmelrock Milestones 2012

Extended market coverage in Romania
Plant extension in Bolintin Vale


Semmelrock Milestones 2014

Extension of market presence in Poland
Plant extension in Gnatowice


Semmelrock Milestones 2016

Extended market coverage in Austria
Opening of a new, modern plant in Bad Fischau-Brunn


Semmelrock Group

Strengthening business in Eastern European growth markets
Investment project includes acquisition of a plant in Romania as well as modernization and enlargement of existing production sites in Hungary and Croatia

Divestment Semmelrock Business in Austria
Sale of paver business in Austria, including four production sites, the administrative headquarters as well as the entire workforce to Rohrdorfer Group

Future focus of Semmelrock paver business on development of Eastern European activities