The Einstein® Jointing System

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The Einstein® Jointing System

The Einstein System® is a patented fully interlocking system with an integrated protection against shifting. The smart jointing technology was developed especially for surfaces with heavy traffic volumes and high loads. Interlocking elements, spacers and fixing elements arranged on all sides ensure a standard compliant joint width and joint filling with negligible pavers contact.

The Einstein® Jointing System

Semmelrock products with Einstein® Jointing System

Semmelrock The Einstein® Jointing System

La Linia
ARTE® segmental arch paving
Senso Grande

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The advantages of the System Einstein®

  • Designed for surfaces that deal with high amounts of traffic and high loads

  • No shifting or deformation and no canting or tilting even under the heaviest loads

  • Interlocking elements, spacers and fixing elements are arranged on all sides to ensure a standard compliant joint width and joint filling

  • Unique technology to prevent edge spalling due to adhering to standard compliant joint widths and joint filling

  • Very cost effective due to the possibility of fully mechanical installation of pavers in case of cross joints (not applicable for traffic areas) and staggered joints

  • Wide variety of designs due to a large selection of shapes, colours and surfaces

The Einstein® Jointing System

Prerequisite for the functionality is complying with the relevant standards, guidelines and regulations for road building.