Modern design, a sophisticated ambience or pure and plain elegance – our aim is to open up new vistas for outdoor living solutions in private and public spaces. Modern production facilities, the detection of new trends and a strong customer focus are the basis of our product philosophy. Thereby, Semmelrock always focuses on the high demands that apply to contemporary landscaping solutions.

Design and variety in landscaping

The natural beauty of concrete as a paving material contributes to adding a special character and appearance to a paved surface.

Semmelrock pavers, slabs and accessories, such as fences and walling systems, steps, palisades and edging products can be selected in different dimensionstextures and colours to match with the creative ideas of the planner and the ambience of the surrounding area.

The variety of possible design solutions ranges from modern to classic style, from sleek formats to rumpled antique-style stones, from light and shiny colours to naturally textured colour shades. Diversity in design and function are key elements of the Semmelrock product range.


Creative design solutions

A private garden is a secluded retreat. A private sanctuary, a place of serenity and contemplation. The selection of the right surface design is the basis for the look and feel and the atmosphere of your private environment. Semmelrock products offer a vast range of creative landscaping solutions – to turn your garden into your individual feel-good area.

A key feature of well-designed gardens is the combination of different product systems for a complete landscaping solution. Walls and fences, steps and edgings help to shape any garden, to add structure, define borders and to create special features. Semmelrock Concept solutions are designed to meet the creative landscaper’s ideas. All elements of those product families match to each other and can be combined in various flexible ways.

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Designer of urban landscapes

Architecture needs scope for development – not only in terms of artistic creativity but as well in terms of a sophisticated planning of urban landscapes. Public spaces create a wide stage for the surrounding buildings and adequate surface design solutions are therefore the basis for a coherent city design.

Based on this principle, Semmelrock cooperates with international and local architects to create and develop the open space of many cities and communities in CEE. The creation of public surfaces is strongly influenced by the national and regional identity. Since Semmelrock runs its own production sites in every country, the company can combine the international know-how with local taste and demands. The pavers are produced with regional raw materials and the local sales teams can provide advice to planners, contractors and investors under consideration of the typical regional requirements.

Semmelrock Designer of Urban landscapes
Semmelrock Designer of Urban landscapes

Cultural heritage in good hands

Old towns and historic places have a charming atmosphere. Every corner and every stone tells a story. In order to preserve this unique flair, Semmelrock takes active part in the restoration of cultural heritages in Europe and cooperates with local authorities for the restoration of historic districts and national treasures.

Numerous international projects demonstrate, how heritage and tradition can be revitalized up to modern standards. Each stone is placed with care and great attention to details, adding to the special atmosphere of the townscape. Based on different production methods, pavers and slabs can be designed with even the small but special characteristics such as little notches or traces of use as well as the right colour shades matching with the historic ambience.

Semmelrock Cultural heritage in good hands
Semmelrock Cultural heritage in good hands