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Know-how is our competitive advantage

We define concrete pavers as a product that has to meet both, the highest functional and aesthetic demands. Therefore we place great value on individual product design, the development of surface finishing technologies and the use of high-quality raw materials. Our longstanding experience, our technical know-how and our clear focus on innovation add to the distinctive profile of our pavers.

Quality is our basis

Thanks to modern technologies we are able to provide the concrete with distinctive performance characteristics which are essential to ensure its high quality. By using selected raw materials we do not only achieve extreme durability but it also adds special appeal to our products. Through the use of selected materials such as natural stone chippings, sand and pigments we create our premium surface design.

Technically innovative plant equipment

Semmelrock operates various modern production and finishing lines to manufacture its highly diversified range of products. The 14 plants are equipped in accordance with the individual market requirements to optimally meet the needs of the local customers.

Customized contract manufacturing

If architects and planners have extraordinary requirements for their design ideas, our customized contract manufacturing opens an abundance of possibilities. Almost any format, colour and surface texture can be manufactured to meet the designer´s specific needs.

Certified quality

Our products are manufactured and tested based on national and European standards. But this is only the underlying reason for our high quality standards. In addition, all Semmelrock products undergo an internal quality control process, to ensure that only products of the highest quality leave our plant.